Who We Are

Storytelling Community

Our Goals

Power of the mind storytelling community is there to:

  • Give a voice to all people
  • Bring social inclusion by encouraging people in society to share their challenges for people to understand them and know how to support them
  • To bring community cohesion by enabling people from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and bring understanding, trust, and less prejudice. 
  • Integrating socially excluded individuals
  • Forming communities of people with common interests
  • Remove discrimination and stigma through storytelling
  • Making becoming a published author accessible to all individuals
  • Encouraging, inspiring and motivating people going through challenges

Our Action Plan

We have 2 communities – a community of storytellers with no one to share with and a community of listeners who need recreation and people to socialise with. You can never be the same after listening to a good story. We want to use storytelling as a therapeutic exercise. How?
  • We are going to hold storytelling events, each event will be geared at bringing awareness to a particular theme. Examples include refugees, the immigrant community, the LGBTQ community, Autism, and many more. 
  • Hosting creative writing workshops for those who want to get published. 

We are also going to work with one particular group on a long term basis and empower members of the group through various activities and projects. Currently, we are working with Widows of Substance.

Storytelling Community

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


  • Power of the Mind Storytelling Community was launched on the 10th of January 2017.
  • We worked with Northampton on Stories of Resilience Book and 3 of our members got their stories published. As a result, we achieved our goals to empower members to find their voice. 
  • National Lottery Fund came on board to pilot our storytelling project

The Future

  • Register both PMNSc and WOS as charities
  • Secure venue for our activities
  • Get more funding through grants to grow our projects
  • We will continue to tackle social exclusion, discrimination, and stigma through storytelling

As a result of the work she is doing in the community under the organisation Power of the Mind, our founder Mavis Mundirwa has won 3 awards so far, which are; 


NOWA award for contribution to community

Changemaker Student of the Year Award

University of Northampton Changemaker Award 2017.


Woman of Purpose award in 2017